Meet the lastest quality certification — EN25980(Now EN25980 have replaced the EN1598. The biggest difference EN25980 with EN1598 is that EN25980 requires that the goods can't release harmful gases when ignited). Greatly reduced arc, protect eyesight; Flame retardant, guaranteed production safety; Non-toxic, no release harmful gases

The screens are made of specially formulated vinyl. These screens resistant to UV rays, flame and abrasion. All the screens edges are hemmed with DUPONT KEVLAR Stitching and have grommets at 30 cm intervals. Nylon ties are furnished for the convenient and secure fastening of the screen to the frame.

Applications: Welding PVC strip curtain designed to protect individuals from ultraviolet radiation, sparks, and spatter. Great for traffic areas where need to be accessed regularly but still require protection. Appropriate eye protection must still be worn. It will help protects workers from Welding area, Flash burns and UV light.

  • Popluar color: Red, Dark green, Yellow, Blue...
  • Thickness: 0.25mm, 0.4mm ... 1.0mm, 2.0mm
  • Maximum Width: 1.85m
  • Sheet or Rolls(55m per rolls)
  • Frame: Steel tube 25*25mm,wall thickness 1.7mm with Polymer coated.
  • Holes in the middle of tube to allow combine frames.
  • Includes 360 degree swivel connectors that allow for various configuration.

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Flexible PVC Strip and Sheet
It is a very important material in our life that widely used in making various soft PVC curtains, welding protection screen, Clear windows, gaskets, cold room curtains, etc.
PVC Strip Curtain
Make the world more quiet, clean and energy-saving. low cost; Easy to install; Long shelf life; Strong acid and alkali resistance; Strong impact resistance
Super Clear PVC Film
Super clear; EN71-2; EN71-3; UV; Cold-resistant; Anti-Static; Tear resistance.
Free A4 size samples for quality check. 200mmx2mm size samples can provided quickly, becasue it is the most popular size.
Usually order can be delivered in 20 days. In case of force majeure, it will be confirmed according to the specific situation.