• Profiles: Smooth and Ribbed
  • Color selection: Clear, Transparent
  • Transparency: Super Clear, No bubbles, No impurities
  • Thickness range: 1.5mm to 5mm
  • Width range: 100 to 400mm
  • Length: 50m/30m/25m
  • Application temperature range: -10℃ to 50℃
  • Hardness: 75±5 Shore A
  • Tensile Strength: 18.96 MPa
  • Elongation at break: 329.2%

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So this makes it exquisite for all types of projects, standard PVC Strips is regularly referred to as clear, ordinary and conventional strip. This cloth offers the most visibility of any variety of strip, making it convenient to see who or what is on the different side. This helps to prevent unintentional employee harm or harm to machinery.such as Supermarket, Subway entrance, guest house, bar, Industrial strip doors, Sound booths, warehouse, working areas partitions, Industrial curtains and site huts, reservoirs or leisure pools, concreted or tiled swimming pools. It is effective for sound insulation, guard against dust and ultraviolet radiation. It is the most widely used PVC Curtains. The most popular color is Clear (Clear Blue), however, it also can make Yellow, Red, Gray more than ten colors.
PVC Strip Curtain are available for all your needs. Ordinary PVC strip curtain strips have squared edges that can snap or scratch and are vulnerable to ripping or tearing. While PVC strip curtains will not stop winds nor solve negative pressure conditions in a building, they will significantly reduce the effect of light breezes. When specifying strip curtains, attention must be given to the door size, wind direction and wind velocity relative to desired results of installation. Improve air screen effectiveness on cooler/freezer openings by creating a vestibule with PVC strip curtains. Strips should be hung on each end of the airscreen all the way back to the door opening to prevent warm air leaking into the cold room around the edges of the airscreen.
Qingdao Conet Group offers a wide range of flexible PVC Strip Curtain and PVC strip door solutions for various industries and sectors such as food service, manufacturing, agricultural , pharmaceutical, high tech (clean rooms and data centers), general trade and distribution among many more. We offer high quality products including PVC Strip Curtain, PVC strip door, vinyl strip door, clear PVC film, clear vinyl film and more. Conet is PVC Strip Curtain supplier in China, offers Phthalate-Free PVC Strip Curtain. PVC Strip curtains are highly effective in stopping pests and dust entering the premises.

Standard PVC Strip Curtain

Make your room safer, quieter and more energy efficient! Use PVC Strip Curtain in all places where doors are undesirable or impossible for your staff and equipment. The PVC strip curtains we offer are robust, flexible and reliable. The PVC strip curtains have numerous applications and are an economical way to control unnecessary waste of energy. Our impressive range of PVC strip curtains and flexible transparent PVC vinyl will certainly be useful for your application and can easily reduce your costs. In addition to allowing excellent microclimate control, PVC strip curtains improve the comfort of the work environment for people and are a good alternative to many heat and sound insulation materials. The PVC strip rolls serve for the manufacture of doors, room dividers, food preservation and others. The PVC strip rolls help keeping goods from spoilage, can be used as a protection during welding activities and many others. etc.

Standard strip can be used both indoors and outdoors where temperatures vary between -10℃ and 50℃.

200mm X 1.5mm

200mm X 2mm

300mm X 2mm

300mm X 3mm

400mm X 4mm

200mm X 5mm

Recommended vinyl

Gray PVC Strip Curtains
Red PVC Strip Curtains
Forsted PVC Strip Curtains


We have rich packaging experience to ensure that the goods are not damaged during transportation and loading.

Common packaging

Smooth PVC Bulk rolls packed by plastic film.

Ribbed PVC Bulk rolls packed by plastic film, then put in carton box.

Custom packaging

Let us know your idea.


What is REACH and RoHS certification?
are EU's quality inspection certification for products entering the market. Our products are REACH and RoHS certified by SGS company, Non-toxic, harmless Eco-friendly.
Flexible PVC Strip and Sheet
It is a very important material in our life that widely used in making various soft PVC curtains, welding protection screen, Clear windows, gaskets, cold room curtains, etc.
PVC Strip Curtain
Make the world more quiet, clean and energy-saving. low cost; Easy to install; Long shelf life; Strong acid and alkali resistance; Strong impact resistance
Super Clear PVC Film
High quality: Super clear; EN71-2; EN71-3; UV1000 hours; Cold-resistant(-20℃); Anti-Static; 21MPa.
Free A4 size samples for quality check. 200mmx2mm size samples can provided quickly, becasue it is the most popular size.
Usually order can be delivered in 20 days. In case of force majeure, it will be confirmed according to the specific situation.