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High-quality flexible PVC STRIP and PVC Film manufacturer, we produce almost all kinds of PVC Strip Curtains, Transparent PVC film. We are a trusted partner, providing high-quality services to customers in more than 100 countries and regions. Welcome to consult our products at any time

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PVC Strips
The most popular PVC Strip Curtain - Standard PVC Strip Curtain, Polar PVC Strip Curtain, Anti-insect PVC Strip Curtains, Anti-Static PVC Strip Curtain. We provide a wide selection of products to meet the needs of various industries, business premises, public facilities and home life.


Super clear PVC Film
Super Clear PVC films also named clear PVC Sheet, Clear PVC fabric, transparent PVC tarpaulin, Crystal PVC. CONET's PVC flim have the same performance as and Nanya which meet EN71-2, EN71-3, UV1000 hours, REACH,etc. FR PVC film, Anti-static PVC film, printed square PVC film, ESC PVC film also can be made.


Round Welding Frame
Welding curtains are designed to protect individuals from ultraviolet radiation, sparks, spatter. Great for traffic areas where need to be accessed regularly but still require protection. Appropriate eye protection must still be worn to help protects workers from Welding area, flash burns and UV light.


Magnetic PVC Strips
It is suitable for use in various places, especially in commercial fields , will not destroy the beauty of the building. The edge of PVC strip is welded with magnetic stripe, this makes it have better performance in airtightness, so as to achieve better heat insulation, wind resistance and insect resistance.


Gray, white, orange, red, amber, bronze, green, blue, brown, yellow, black, etc. Transparent, translucent, opaque. Which color you need?


Such as Green anti-static(ESD) PVC Strip, Forsted PVC Strips, Printed Square PVC film, ESD PVC Sheet, ESD PVC Sheet, Nylon thread Polar PVC Strip, etc.


For PVC Strip Curtains - Type A(EU type), Type B, Folding Type, Slinding type. The length can be 2.5m. Also different materials - stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, galvanized, etc.


COVID-19 protection
Covid-19 Products - Super clear PVC Film (Clear PVC film, Clear PVC fabric, transparent PVC tarpaulin, Crystal PVC,transparent flexible PVC Sheet)

An industry leader in the PVC Strip Curtain & PVC film segments

Our company are committed to produce REACH certified flexible PVC Strip Curtains, PVC film, etc. ISO9001:2015 manufacturer since 2006, follow the international standards, advanced production equipment, highly qualified skilled workers and high-quality raw materials ensure the high quality of the products. Now the quality of our products have reached the same level as the world’s major manufacturers in Europe and US. Those give us a strong competitive advantage in this line and makes our products have been recognized by customers from more than one hundred countries and regions.

We adhere to the concept of environmental protection, tasteless and recyclable, use data to analyze the local climate, and then provide customers with suitable products.

Our quality control has reached a harsh level. As early as when the factory was set up, we established an independent laboratory to control quality, and actively cooperate with SGS company since 2008.

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We have the ability to provide various solutions

Polar PVC Strip Curtains for freezer/refrigeration rooms, cold rooms, cold chain trucks...

ESD PVC Film for Electronic product processing and packaging, electronic laboratory, clean room

Super Clear PVC film for isolation protection COVID-19

Welding Screen/Welding curtains for welding protection


Not only high-quality products, but also high-quality services

All sales staff have undergone rigorous training to master relevant foreign trade knowledge and are familiar with product performance and characteristics. At the same time have rich service experience. You will get professional services and advice.