Our team has years of experiences in the design and production of the vinyl strip door and curtain products based on specifications of our customers. We have the latest resources and apply the proven methods to provide the competitive prices of the personalized strip doors for our customers. All new visitors to our company can explore our recent collection of the strip doors made of vinyl material and get an overview about exceptional benefits of properly using such doors.  Our strip doors made of Vinyl are designed particularly for increasing the sanitation, reducing the costly hydro and maintaining the temperature as per expectations of our customers.


Invest in the best Vinyl strip doors

We are conscious about every aspect of our strip doors and renowned for our professionalism in the strip door design and manufacturing services. We understand and make certain that strip door investment related expectations of every customer are different. We focus on the overall requirements of our customers and discuss with them to provide the personalized strip doors. You can feel free to contact our friendly customer support representative on online or phone at any time you require details about the vinyl material based strip door production. Our customer support team operates 24/7 and provides an instant response to everyone.


Custom Vinyl Strip Door and Curtain Accessories at Conet

Vinyl strip door, or vinyl strip curtain, is clear and transparent PVC strips that are commonly used in doorways to reduce loss of cooled or heated air through doorways, to protect workers, and reduce noise. Conet Industry supplies best quality vinyl strip door. Our vinyl strip doors provide easy access and visibility, while maintaining the energy conservation, safety, and noise control certain applications require. PVC vinyl strip door works in a variety of industries and for many different applications. Our clients use them in dock doorways and to divide areas within warehouses. Vinyl strip door helps increase sanitation, maintain temperatures, add privacy, and best of all: they’re durable.


We offer both standard vinyl strip door kits and custom vinyl strip doors. We offer vinyl strip door kits in standard sizes that are manufactured using high-quality clear vinyl with rounded edges for added work safety and convex/concave curvature design to provide secure, interlocked seals. Ribbed strips resist scratching, provide increasing ulation, and reduce static cling and contact between strips.


At Singer Safety, we offer standard-size door strips from 0.080 mils to 0.160 mils thickness. But we can also work with your company to create a custom vinyl strip door solution. You can customize the sizes of your own vinyl strip doors! In addition to our vinyl strip door kits and custom vinyl strip doors, we offer a variety of other products related to our vinyl strip doors. You can use Conet’s strip door mountings to securely mount your new vinyl strip doors and strip door products anywhere you like throughout your facility.